What exactly is Home Management? To answer that, I looked up the word manager, and I found just what I was looking for...

manager |ˈmanijər|noun 
  • a person responsible for controlling or administering all or part of a company or similar organization (Our homes)
  • a person who controls the activities, business dealings, and other aspects of the career of an entertainer, athlete, group of musicians, etc. (Our children and spouse)
  • a person in charge of the activities, tactics, and training of a sports team (Our children)
Ladies, we are Home Managers! As the managers of our homes, we are the ones responsible for all the happenings in our home.  You might be thinking, wait a minute, isn't that the husband's role?  No, actually it is not.  He is the President of the organization. :) As managers, the responsibility of all the daily happening is on our shoulder so that our husband is free to do what only he can do. He does not need to nor does he care to decide what days the laundry will get done or who has to empty the dishwasher tonight. He has much more important decisions to make that I don't want on my shoulders. :) I'm happy running my home organization. :) 

With that said, As we enter the summer season, there is no better time to train your children in their daily, weekly and monthly chores.  I have been receiving texts, emails and calls recently asking me for some of these files so I figured that many more moms must be planning a summer routine. I have just updated my Home Management section with FREE documents for you to download and edit to your liking. I will be adding more soon! My prayer is that as we use these strategies in our home, every home would flow beautifully, with less stress and more joy and peace. That way we are free to do the important things in life...spend time with our children imparting God's word in them as we walk, sit, swim, shop, and play! (My version of Deut. 6:6-8) :)  We'll talk about having fun with our kids this summer on my next post! BTW - if you want more of these, hit the like button below so I know you are reading these!!  LOL!!



Stephanie Rivera
05/29/2012 09:08

Thank You Alex for taking the time out to do these Blogs, they are extremely useful, much needed and appreciated! You are a wise woman after God's heart! :) This will definitely be implemented in my home! As you are aware I have 4 children and their summer vacation starts today! :)

Alex Munoz
05/29/2012 10:02

It is my pleasure, Stephanie! What great timing!! Please keep me posted on how it goes! Enjoy your summer break with them! :)

Martha Fidalgo
05/29/2012 11:36

Thank you Alex, I love reading blogs from moms I know & I'm encouraged to stay on track as we continue raising out children. What a privilege it is & how exciting it is to look forward to a summer with our little & big kids. God is so good to have chosen us for such a task :) blessing to you & your family & please keep them coming I DO READ THEM & cherish every single one:)

Courtney Leigh Diaz
05/29/2012 10:27

As always...this is very appreciated and just what I was planning on asking you for at our next visit. :-) Thank you for sharing!!

05/29/2012 11:44

I love your Blog

Alex Munoz
05/29/2012 11:46

I love you Dora!!

Alex Munoz
05/29/2012 11:45

Awe...Ladies, thank you! Martha, you are such a wonderful example of a woman who loves her roles of wife and mother! Your love for this calling is inspiring!

Courtney, I am loving seeing you embrace this new role of wife and mother of two. You are doing such a great job!


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